About Bikes & Barbers

We Dedicate our efforts and time wholly to electric assist bikes. Our shops in Newmarket, Waiheke, Devonport and Queenstown are uniquely INDEPENDENT and PASSIONATE.  We won't talk nonsense, we will most likely hand you a demonstrator of your choice to try - Assist if we can, and then let you ride some more. Saving us a a million words -giving you first hand feel, giving you the tools to make the best choice.

We sell, service, and service electric bikes (a.k.a. e-bikes) and  non electric bikes also. We all ride bikes everyday as transport - and for FUN.  So our team are savvy about what rolls and what doesn't.  We will also electrify any bike u desire (with our own unique electric conversion kits - powered By eCycles NZ Ltd). We have access to data gained from over 15000 test rides and over 2000 electric bikes sold across NZ via our shops.   

Our stock of e-bikes is vast: road bikes, mountain bikes, urban bikes, cargo bikes, foldable bikes and recumbent bikes. We stock Trek, Husqvarna, Hybrid, Wisper, Scott, Shimano e-steps, Avanti, Smartmotion (And the X-City !), Fantic,  ONYA, Stealth, Tern, Evinci, MalvernStar, Bafang, ''home -brew'' electric bike conversions, foldable electric bikes, UBCO, BULLITT and Butchers & Bicycles cargo bikes.

In total we have more than 12 Brands and 100 models in our little shops. All tailored for NZ conditions with power and speed that is more than a match for our Volcanic terrain, 250watt and 25 km/h speed limitations will just not do here.

Bicycle Parts & Accessories

We develop a large range of parts, accessories, and components for the electric transport industry.

Our background is the automotive industry - and we still get much inspiration from that world - even if it's a bit boring compared to the bike world... 

Our GPS trackers, Smart Helmets, LED strobe lights, etc exist to move the safety and comfort of the e-bike to the safety level of a car.

Our new 12v Smart Lithium-ion chargers enable you to charge your E-Bike from any solar panel, or other carbon free source.

Come Join The E-Revolution


We also have a large range of Abus and AXA locks, lights, tools, mirrors, pumps, bags, racks, baskets, carriers, and bicycle safety seats for kids.

We have a large range of components from brake pads, to chains, to a complete new drive train - available from Shimano, SRAM, KMC, and other high quality manufacturers.

Want to upgrade your electric bike? We can up-spec any component of your choice.

Why Electric Bikes?

E-bikes are the way of the future, especially in a busy city like Auckland. They are not slowed down by traffic jams, hills, or head winds compared to standard bikes.

Electric bikes will guarantee that you always get to your destination on time.

E-bikes are a great way to get fit without getting too tired or worn out. You can choose to have as much or as little electric assistance on your electric bike as you like, depending on how fit you are feeling.

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