NIU N E-Scooter


Rising Petrol Prices? Time for that Switch!

$4495 + ORC



NIU have sold over 400,000 scooters globally with over 1 Billion kilometers travelled, placing them as the #1 electric scooter in the world.

Powered by a 2400W Bosch Motor, the NIU outperforms 50cc petrol scooters with  increased acceleration and of course, much less noise. 

Riding a NIU is joyful, fun and slick. Moving off the line is fast thanks do the rear wheel motor, providing responsive power delivery and quick acceleration. Getting on and off the scooter is quick thanks to a step-through design.

The power delivery is actively managed by the on board computer, overcoming hills with more power when needed. Comfortable seats give a silky smooth ride.  

The genius of the NIU N Series electric scooter is in the simple design. To create something this seamless and easy to use takes a lot of design and thought which really shows. Well balanced and packed with clever features, the NIU has exceptional attention to detail.

Passenger footrests are concealed when not in use, and a 19L storage compartment gives ample room for a helmet.  There's in built USB charging port and bag carry next to the charging footwell.

A lightweight 10KG battery with carry handle gives up to 80 kilometers of range on a single charge. Most riders have found they only need to charge every 4 days. Changing batteries takes just 10 seconds and is incredibly easy. Easy removal is designed for charging at home or at the office from a 3-pin plug. Each battery is made by LG and Panasonic and comes with a 2 year warranty.

NIU's Smart App connects you to their cloud-based system. This allows for remote GPS tracking and alerts if unauthorised movement is detected, on-board diagnostic debugging and stats over riding history like power consumption and speed.


Features include:

  • Regen Braking
  • 3 Riding Modes
  • Anti Theft lock
  • USB Charger
  • Bag holder
  • Storage for Helmet (19 Litres)
  • Pop-out passenger footrests
  • Saddle handle and mounts for pillion passengers
  • Bright LED lights front and back. 
  • Front and rear dual piston disc brakes
  • Clear Smart Dashboard
  • Practically maintenance free



  • 45 kph top speed
  • Up to 80 km range
  • 95KG Curb weight
  • 200KG Max passenger weight
  • 1740 Wh Battery Capacity
  • Battery rated to 600 recharge cycles, equivalent to nearly 38,000 kilometers

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