SEGWAY Mini Pro 320


For those riders looking to go bit farther in their travels, the Ninebot by Segway miniPRO320 offers extended range thanks to its 310Wh battery. With its unique knee control bar the miniPRO allows you more interaction with your environment than any other two wheel ride. The miniPRO features a powerful, UL2272-certified lithium-ion battery which allows riders to travel up to 25km on a single charge and reach top speeds of 16km/h. It can also take on slopes up to 15º and accommodate riders up to 100kg. The miniPRO's innovative design allows the rider to manoeuvre easily and precisely. Steer by gently pressing left or right on the miniPRO’s knee control bar, which can be adjusted to accommodate each individual rider. Use the app to unlock the short riding tutorial, customize light colours, modify safety features, operate the miniPRO via remote control and more. Most importantly, use the app to lock the miniPRO with a tamper-proof anti-theft alarm that triggers a phone warning if anyone attempts to move it.

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