UNleash the FULL potential - speed Dongle


Supplied from our German friends, these Tech marvels are idependant to the workings of your mid-drive. We fit them over the speed sensor and they recalculate the speed as of 24 km/h .... so to never quiet reach 25... This means you can finally take advantage of the NZ legal speed limits -and be able to cruise at speeds up to 40-45 depending on units ( off road -on private land ) -should you wish. Should you ever wish to stay below 25kmh again we can ( and you can ) simply un-hinge the unit from the rear wheel. 


Having only recently started retailing EU-spec Ecycles, the concept of 250watt and 25km'/h - in the land full of hills left over from volcanic action years ago, these limits make no sense! But since we've had these on the shelf - life is a breeze again :) . With the Dongle you have Torque and speed close to NZ power specifications.



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