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My E-bike favourites!

After a month, the magic is still here, and I've got a few favourites already

I think my favourite thing about working at a bike shop in Auckland is the knowledge that most of the people are either finally able to get out and mobilised, or that that's one more person that's on a bike and out of a car, cutting down on the pollution and traffic for Auckland.

My favourites!

Perfect boys toy
Of all the bikes, my favourite electric bike has got to be the B52 by Stealth, truly ridiculous but still a hell of a lot of fun. (It goes up to 85k, in two seconds, need I say more? (Ok I probably should as you'll need to register it to use it on the road)



For fun rides on the road
The best road e-bike I tried has to be the Avanti inc. best way I can describe it is it's like riding on a bike made of air and your legs are stronger than Lance Armstrong himself. I think my only gripe would be that like all of the european bikes it cuts out at 24kph, but luckily I'm told by Chris that our mechanics can increase the speed to about 32kph, far more manageable if you ask me.


For just sheer practicality
In an unassumingly small package, the Onya F19 really surprised me. I've tried a lot of folding bikes and never really been a fan, mostly because of the small wheels and puny gears (I'm a speed freak at heart). But I came to this electric bike and it was about as close to riding a normal bike as you can get, and it's certainly not hard to get to a comfortable riding speed.



So all in all which is my favourite?

I'd actually probably go for the Pacer by Smartmotion, because if I was to ride a bike every day, I'd want something that rides as smoothly as that and is super comfortable to ride. That and with the bigger battery it can go up to 175 km in distance, which compared to most e bikes is an insane amount of range. 





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