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7 Benefits of E-Cycling, hooray!


1) The FUN

As an e biker you have got the fun between your legs! While e cycling you can enjoy the surrounding areas, get fresh air, stop whenever you like and easily overtake other bike riders as well as traffic stuck cars. Let's say: You are the most unconcerned and happiest road user at all! 


2) Arrive on time

With your (anyway fast) e-bike you also don't have to worry about finding a parking space - you can just park anywhere you want. And apparently, you are not dependent on busy rush hours and  traffic jam. You will always arrive reeelaxed and on time.


3) Save money

By having an electric bike, there are no more expenses for: damn expensive gasoline, transport or (oops!) parking tickets.  So save your money for something much nicer...holiday, ice cream, whatever!


4) Reap some extra moto(r)vation

True story: You are not afraid of hills and mountains anymore. You just push the magic e button, get some "extra muscles" and ride it easy-peasy straight up. Your e bike is your best friend and it never allows that you are left behind. 


5) Get fitter like a common bike rider

Huh?! Yes, you read correct! Its officially proved that E bike users ride their bike three times more often than "usual" bike riders. So, despite the motor that supports you, you get a steady training, that keeps you fit and healthy - forever ;)


6) You got the power

... and break in sweat when you want. On the way to work you would like to e cycle relaxed and arrive funky fresh at the office. But on the way back you want to challenge yourself a bit? No problem, with an electric bike you decide when you get your workout.


7) ...and make the world a better place

By taking an ebike you can go to sleep a bit more calmed! Obviously, going by electric bike is a much much better environmental solution than going by car.


By the way, did you know that 60% of all distances driven by car are shorter than 4.6 miles? Crazy, huh. The people could go easily by bike...but they don't....So going by common bikes may feel too exhausting - surprise surprise, going by e bike doesn't :)


Anyway, less cars and less pollution create a much nicer feeling in cities and villages. You can here the birds sing again :)



So.....pretty convincing, right?! :) Now have a look at this beautiful designs and find the best electric bike for you!...or just show up in one of our bike stores in Auckland or Queenstown and do a free test ride. We are more than happy to help you making the right decision. See ya!


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