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Welcoming a New Face to Bikes & Barbers


Hello there! My name is Jacob, and I am a new employee working at Bikes & Barbers. I first arrived in New Zealand just over two years ago, from snowy Minnesota in the United States.


I came here to study and I am currently in a Bachelors of Creative Technologies in Media Design School. My primary mode of transport to and from school (and almost everywhere else) is my trusty bicycle that I brought with me from the States.


After riding for so many kilometres up and down this beautiful volcanic landscape, my bike started to wear down, and I found myself in need of repairs. That is how I first found Bikes & Barbers.


I have been working here for about a week now, and it has been rather enjoyable so far. Coming into the shop I had minimal bike maintenance knowledge, mainly from whatever I had done to tinker with my own bike, and had actually never ridden an e-bike before! I fill out my days in Bikes & Barbers taking care of a couple tasks in two different locations. 


You can often find me in Newmarket where I am learning full bike maintenance and interacting with customers in between repairs. It's interesting talking to customers and answering questions to the best of my ability - although the questions do occasionally stray outside of my current sphere of knowledge, but I am working on that - and it is great to see how many people are interested.


One other part of my job here is bringing bikes from one location to another from time to time. I must say, riding the e-bikes is quite a blast, especially when cruising up hills that I normally would have had to work my legs quite hard to get up.


When I am not in Newmarket I can be found in the CBD, where I help out by running our rental shop there. My days down in the CBD involve answering a lot of questions from tourists - mainly about where to get the Hop on Hop off bus tickets and where the bathrooms are.


There are still a decent amount of people who see the bikes and come in with questions about them, renting them, and about our other store locations, and I am always happy to answer with a smile. A lot of people that come through to look at our rentals seem somewhat apprehensive at first, like they aren't quite sure what they will be getting into or how they will find it.


Most times these customers come back after a full day of biking and are thrilled with how the bikes performed and how it was to ride them. Helping to bring that joy into people's lives here at Bikes & Barbers is a wonderful part of my time here.


Biking is one of my passions, and seeing so many people that come through the shops that share this passion, whether it's for commuting or pleasure, is something that I love to see. I look forward to helping further this passion in others and in myself here in Bikes & Barbers.


So, for all of you that are already with us, and for those of you who are just starting to look, I am excited to see how far we will all go together!

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